WITH 1845.

Which Describes You?

How do I Sign on with 1845 Oil Field Services?

  1. Contact a member of our Recruitment Team
    2. 1-(844)-446-1845
  2. Meet the equipment requirements
    1. Modern or well-maintained tractor equipped with a blower and sleeper
    2. Bulk pneumatic tankers are welcome, but not required
    3. Equipment must pass inspection prior to leasing on
  3. Owner completes and submits Owner Operator Checklist
  4. Upon successful inspection, equipment lease is signed
  5. Driver completes and submits Owner Operator DriverĀ Application
  6. Driver registers for Orientation with a member of the recruitment team and receives a confirmation date
  7. Driver completes online Shell Oil and EnCana training
  8. Driver completes on site Orientation
  9. Driver and equipment are cleared to be dispatched
  10. Congratulations! You are on the 1845 Oil Field Services Team