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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding driving for 1845 Oil Field & Commercial Bulk Services and hauling sand with a bulk pneumatic trailer. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but please read to understand some of what this career entails.

When does an Owner Operator receive their first settlement check?

As a result of the billing process  an owner operator will receive the first settlement check three weeks after the first load.

  1. The first week your driver will Transflo the load tickets to the billing department.
  2. During week two the billing team will process the load tickets.
  3. Week three the team will process your settlement for payment on Friday.
  4. You will receive a check each Friday as long as your driver continues to Transflo the load tickets weekly.

What safety equipment is required and where do the drivers get the necessary equipment?

The company will issue  each driver  a set of FRC coveralls, gloves (impact & leather), hardhat, safety glasses, half-mask respirators (air purifying) with filters, face shields, and ear protection. Steel-toed boots are your responsibility (NO steel toed tennis shoes allowed). All safety equipment must be worn prior to exiting the truck on any location, lease road or loading facility.  Owner operators will be charged for certain pieces of the issued equipment.

What do the work schedules look like?

Drivers are required to work a minimum of 14 days. After 14 days on duty you are eligible for 3 days off.  Drivers may choose to work longer periods at a time for which you will receive additional days off.  Work schedules and corresponding days off will be covered at length during driver orientation.

Does this job involve any physical labor?

Yes, the loading process involves climbing on the pneumatic trailers to open dome lids. The delivery process involves connecting hoses of different lengths from your trailer to the bins onsite.

What paperwork is required?

Prior to leaving on the first trip each driver will attend an orientation class covering all paperwork requirements.   Paperwork is a critical part of the job.  It should be neat, complete and turned in on time.  This helps ensure timely and accurate settlements.

May a driver take the truck or trailer home?

In order to keep up with preventative maintenance no company owned or company operated equipment is allowed to be taken to a driver’s home. All company owned and company operated equipment must be parked at one of the 1845 yards located in Weatherford, Pleasanton, Kilgore, and Odessa, Texas.

Are friends, spouses, significant others, non-company personnel or pets allowed to ride along in the truck?

As a result of our insurance and customer policies, we are prevented from having riders in the trucks at all times. This includes pets.

Am I permitted to have a beard?

Drivers are not allowed to have beards. Due the requirement of half-masked respirators, all field personnel must be clean-shaven, except for a mustache that does not extend past the corners of the upper lip.

Other questions

Please make a list of any other questions you may have and contact a member of the recruitment team at  You may review any additional questions you might have during your orientation or with the terminal manager.